Launch Estate Agents – information privacy policy

This web site (“the site”) and the Launch Estate Agents business are owned and operated by Launch Real Estate Pty Ltd (ABN 75 820 334 612) (“we,” “us”). This document describes our policy about our management of personal information.
This version of our policy is effective 2 August 2017. We may update this policy from time to time. Any updated policy will be published on the site – please check the site for updates from time-to-time.
We take personal information privacy seriously, and we comply with our obligations under applicable privacy legislation.
We collect personal information by various means in the course of our operations. We collect information from our clients and potential clients, contacts, suppliers and business partners in the course of communicating with and transacting with them. We collect technical information arising from use of the site, including internet addresses, and so-called cookies, which provide us with technical details about use of the site. We may also acquire contact details from commercial list brokers where lawful and appropriate for us to do in the course of operating our business.
We hold and use personal information we collect for the purpose of communicating with our clients and potential clients, suppliers and contacts (including periodic marketing contacts), and for the purpose of managing the provision of services to our clients.
In respect of general contact information we collect and use, we may from time-to-time provide news, property market information, and information about products and services which we believe may be of interest. We may also use personal information to investigate complaints, and in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.
We may disclose personal information to our partners and service providers for operational purposes. We may on-provide contact information to list brokers and other agents where lawful and appropriate for us to do in the course of operating our business. We may provide information to law enforcement agencies if requested, or if we believe unlawful activity has taken place. We are unlikely to disclose any personal information to any overseas recipients.
We use appropriate tools and procedures to protect the confidentiality of the personal information we collect. While we believe the risk of unauthorised disclosure is very low, we cannot and do not guarantee the security the personal information we collect. We have no liability to users or any other person as a result of any unauthorised disclosure of personal information.
We can be contacted by email on the address given below to request access to or correction of personal information held by us. In accordance with applicable legislation, there may be a fee for our work-effort in providing access to the detailed personal information we hold about individuals from our internal records.
Any further enquiries about our management of personal information, complaints about a breach of the applicable legislation, or feedback about the site’s privacy policy and management should be directed initially to Privacy enquiries and complaints will be considered by an appropriate officer within our organisation, and we will respond to enquiries and deal with any complaints promptly and fairly, in accordance with our legal obligations.
Launch Estate Agents
2 August 2017